Install Solar today to save our future with renewable energy

The time has come when we should show concern in saving our future by adopting solar energy. For protecting our environment from the unfathomable destruction of conventional electricity, Cyber Zystem is created with a pledge to install more solar.

We are a trusted premier league Solar Installation Company based in Perth, proudly maintaining an uncompromising attitude in providing the best quality PVs and accessories at market standard costs. Achieving the trust of our customers has been possible by partnering with the reputed and trusted solar brands manufacturing the finest quality solar panels and accessories.

Cyber Zystem holds the reputation for being a major Solar Installation Company Perth undertaking several government-contracted jobs and we have quite an impressive range of commercial dealings across Australia. Besides earning the goodwill for being a Tier 1 Solar Installation Company, Cyber Zystem has acquired a strong reputation for being a reliable solar panel recycler. Our professionals are experts in understanding the key differences between superior quality systems and inferior quality systems when it comes to recycling solar panels.

Cyber Zystem has now stepped into fulfilling the dream to support our fellow Australians to reduce their skyrocketing energy expenditures by installing solar- the best alternative and renewable energy ideal for both homes and businesses. Being a worthy solar sub contract company in Australia, we even help in owning a private mini solar power plant for various usages.

Services We Offer

Residential Solar Installation Company


So far, the acceptance of solar energy in Australian residences is pretty impressive. More than 4 million homes have installed solar panels not only to save their monthly energy expenses but to protect Mother Nature from the harsh effects of conventional electricity.

Being a trusted Solar Installation company Perth, the expert solar installers in Cyber Zystem are ready to install the solar on your Australian residence with great care and with top-quality solar PV products from the celebrated manufacturing brands.

Commercial Solar Installation Company


The Australian commercial sector is widely indebted to solar energy. Our years of experience as a successful Solar Installation company have allowed us to design and install solar PVs on large-scale commercial properties. We at Cyber Zystem are concerned about the rising expenses with the increasing financial capita of the Australian economy and thus stand by the businesses to reduce the energy expenses by encouraging them to install solar panels.

Solar Buy-Back Scheme

Buy-Back Scheme

Cyber Zystem allows you to accept our Buy-Back Scheme in which we will replace your old solar system with a brand new one without charging anything extra. The Australian home and business owners, who have tried this scheme, have shown their gratitude to us. We replace the old and scrapped-out PVs with brand new products and recycle the previous PVs in our in-house recycling laboratory.

Why choose us?

  • Cyber Zystem is a celebrated Solar Installation company Perth offering customers the right solar system suitable for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Cyber Zystem is committed to providing the high-quality PVs and accessories required for installing solar from the top brands in this industry.
  • We are the best solar recyclers in Australia. Give us a call for our Buy Back Scheme now where we replace the old solar of yours with the new system and recycle the old system in our 100% safe lab.
  • Avail of 100% free repairs within the warranty period and any technical support by calling our customer care executive.
  • Like any trusted Solar Installation company, Cyber Zystem ensures an energy monitoring facility with our solar panels. This feature will help you track the solar energy production in your house from anywhere.

Why Go For Solar?

  • The Clean Energy Council states that the small-scale solar systems with 100kW maximum are §Ó??responsible for 20.3 percent of Australia's clean energy generation and produced 3.4 percent of the country's total electricity§Ó?? [CEC, 2018]. Therefore, install solar perth
  • Solar is both environmentally friendly and pocket-friendly. The eco-friendly sustainable energy manufacturing system not only ensures longevity but also reduces your financial burdens from paying the huge energy bill every month.
  • It§Ó??s high time to give it a thought to save your hard-earned money and use it for things that are more significant for you and your family like a holiday or a financial investment to secure your future.

Let our 100% dedicated, experienced, and trusted experts at Cyber Zystem do the rest for you.

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